The Briar Team owns and operates an extensive and varied fleet of late model equipment.  The onsite, 12,000 square foot Maintenance Facility includes eight inside bays, four covered bays and a Parts Department with an extensive inventory in shelf parts and field equipment for the crews.

Maintenance and safety are the daily fare, not just buzz words on a poster.  The Shop and Field mechanics are the best in their field and keep each piece of equipment in excellent running condition and regularly maintained for the crews.

Maintaining its own equipment fleet is an enormous task undertaken with great care and pride.  By maintaining its own equipment, the company has full control over schedules, parts, and quality of service. Each piece of equipment has its own preventative maintenance schedule and is thoroughly documented.  When a piece of Briar equipment is sold, the maintenance documentation on services and parts repair and replacement become a part of the selling package.

Each operator is required to review a checklist prior to driving or operating a piece of equipment.  This double check and triple check system assures us that our team members will be operating equipment that is monitored and maintained for optimal performance and safety.

At the project sites, as team members operate the various pieces of equipment they can be confident that if necessary, one of our many Field Mechanics are on call for fueling and any necessary repairs should they need assistance.  Down time is almost non-existent when you have well maintained equipment, trained operators and skilled mechanics