Experts in Safe, Efficient Paving Work

Our company maintains high quality paving equipment to ensure the optimal surface for all site development projects. We use paving trains, placers, and pavers in combination with the highest grades of raw material within our work. We only employ those with extensive experience in the paving process. This means we’re able to achieve unparalleled results for our clients.

We’re available around the clock to discuss specific project paving requirements. The Briar Team can guide clients on the paving process and what they can expect in terms of pricing estimates and timelines. It’s a process that assures outstanding surface work for efficient, cost-effective site development.

Call us today to discuss your upcoming project at 407-321-2773.

Scope of Work


Form & pour all types of concrete curbing by machine and hand.


Form & pour all types of concrete sidewalk by machine and hand.


Flexible pavement of roadways, parking lots, & trails.