Achieve Safe, Robust Utilities with The Briar Team

Securing underground utilities lines is an essential element in any site development project. It’s imperative that utilities teams have a comprehensive understanding on the utilities management process, and on developing sewer lines to maintain sanitary conditions and to manage site water flow. This is why so many are now turning to our trusted underground utilities development experts at The Briar Team.

Our experts at The Briar Team have decades of experience handling all utilities site development projects. We know the challenges clients face in completing their work cost-effectively, and use the latest techniques to work efficiently in managing underground utilities design and building processes.

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Scope of Work


The setting of sanitary and storm manholes as access points for their respective pipe systems.

Gravity Pipe

Install storm and sewer systems whose flow is controlled by gravity

Pressure Pipe

Install water, reuse, fire, & force mains whose flow is controlled by pressure