Briar Safety

The Briar Team has an aggressive safety program specifically targeting those areas of the company at the most risk for incidents and accidents i.e., pipe safety, hazardous materials handling, and operation of equipment.  Compliance to OSHA Code of Federal Regulations is mandatory.    Each and every employee, whether working on the project sites, the maintenance facility or the office, has the responsibility to work safely; to eliminate hazards wherever possible and to report unsafe conditions to Management or the Safety Director. 

The Strategy

The strategy is simple, train, implement and reinforce.  At Briar, it is “safety first” and that premise is followed on a daily basis by each Project Manager, Foreman and team member.

From the first day on the job the new team member is exposed to specifically featured safety videos and information about safety on the job and are issued a “Safety First Card” as a reminder that Safety is everyone’s job.

Monthly safety committee meetings and the distribution of various safety related information round out the overall communication of safety above all.

Each Foreman reinforces safety on a daily basis and by weekly discussions featuring “Tool Box Talk” topics with his crew.

  • Vehicle and equipment safety
  • Chemical and hazardous material safety
  • Job Site Safety

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