At The Briar Team, we carry our innovative philosophies in our construction practices over to our team member benefit package.  We firmly believe that if we take care of our people, they will be there for us.  This philosophy has been the foundation of the company for over 30 years…..We believe that people are our biggest asset and as such, strive to show our appreciation for the enormous contribution they make to the continued success of the Company.

The following is a brief synopsis of each benefit and how it affects you as a potential team member:


In this day of rising health care costs, it is comforting to know that the company currently pays 60% of each team member’s health insurance (at 90 days of employment).   The Company executes health plans with team members and their families in mind; only the best plans are considered.

The Company provides paid holidays and vacation days for team members who have been with the Company for the requisite time.   After 6 months, 4-5 paid holidays and after one year, 1 week of vacation, 2 weeks of vacation thereafter.

Each year at Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Company presents each team member with a ham or turkey for their holiday dinner.  Throughout the year, the Company sponsors various events for all the team members, including quarterly barbecues, Annual Family Picnic, Foreman’s Outing and the Annual Christmas Party to name a few.

The Briar Team considers loyalty extremely important and as such rewards those team members who have made the commitment to make The Briar Corporation their home.  At the Annual Christmas Party, each team member who has remained with the Company for at least one year may receive $100 for each year of service, up to 5 years.  This bonus is based on the performance of the Company and at the sole discretion of the Owner.

Once a team member reaches his or her 10 year mark, the Company presents these loyal individuals with a Company ring and a check for $10,000.00.  This gift is presented to each team member at a special announcement at the Annual Christmas Party.  Their picture is added to the framed photo gallery located on the Wall of Fame in the Main Office along with all other previous 10-year employees.  This picture is a reminder to all that loyalty and perseverance are rewarded and that they are indeed special team members.

Can it get any better? Yes, the company recently decided to extend their generosity when it comes to team member loyalty by presenting every 20-year team member, with a check in the amount of $20,000 and an individual appreciation plaque.  Their picture is also added to a framed photo gallery located on the Wall of Fame in the Main Office along with all other previous 20-year employees.

The Briar Team Profit Sharing Plan will help to prepare you and your family for your financial future.  You may contribute a percentage (from 0% to 100%) of your pay on a pre-tax basis.  After being on the plan for one year, the Company may make a discretionary contribution to your account. 

These are few of the many benefits that team members enjoy from The Briar Team.  Through our dedication to being a part of the solution in our team members’ individual and family needs, The Briar Team has established a caring and supportive environment at all levels of the organization.

We are committed to being the best and welcome all those committed to our common goal of becoming “Leaders by Performance”.  Call Today, it could be the start of something big…..your future.